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Project 1/4

Variant analysis of fish bypasses on the river Drau


Austria / Carinthia


From February 2014 to


variant analysis, documentation for legal permit, detailed planning

Variant analysis of fish bypasses on the river Drau

Project objectives
erection of fish bypasses on five hydropower stations on the river Drau.

Project description

variant analysis, documentation for legal  permit and detailed planning for
- HPS Feistritz/Ludmannsdorf
- HPS Ferlach-Maria Rain
- HPS Annabrücke
- HPS Edling
- HPS Schwabeck

Project data
five hydropower stations of the VERBUND on the river Drau
maximum difference in altitude: 25.2 m (HPS Annabrücke

Project specifics

Hydro power stations with hydropeaking operation

- variant analysis
- feasibility study
- design and implementation project
- documentation for legal permit (regarding water, nature and forestry)
- quantity survey and cost estimate
- detailed planning
- detailed survey
- 2D numerical modellation (focused on the access area)