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Project 3/3

Rauteppich - Innovative Bed stabilization measure




from January 2014 - ongoing


research project for decoupling the systems canalised river - renaturalised river

Rauteppich - Innovative Bed stabilization measure
Rauteppich - Innovative Bed stabilization measure

Project objectives
Key aim of the project was the conversion of energy through roughness rather than geometry (ramps, sills). The "Rauteppich" shall provide an alternative, which serves as simple, cost-effective and gentle method for counteracting river-bed degradation and its impacts. 

Project description
In rivers with degradation trends the positive effects of renaturalisations are often neutralised with retrogressive erosion in the intersection between the canalised and the renaturalised section. In order to prevent this, measures have to be made which often are carried out as hard engineering. This new concept has a far lower impact on the river's ecology. 

Project specifics
physical model 
the project was funded through the FFG-fund

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