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Solid matter

Project 4/4

HPS Rott - Analysis regarding solid matter


Austria / Salzburg


February - May 2014


analysis regarding solid matter
determination of the equilibrium slope
determination of the sediment load
determination of transport capacity

HPS Rott - Analysis regarding solid matter
HPS Rott - Analysis regarding solid matter

Project objectives
Analysis regarding the possible future bed development on the river Saalach based on variant sediment input in order to estimate future impacts and efforts.
Project description
site supervision for the construction of the fish bypassk

Project description
The increased sediment input in the river Saalach counteracting a river-bed degradation, effects, inter alia, flood protection measures and adjacent infrastructures. This project aims to analyse the impacts on the hydropower station Rott as well as on the present flood protection of the nearby settlements, and future developments.

Project data
length of the 2D-hydraulic-model: app. 8 km (5 km Saalach + 3 km Salzach)

Project specifics
analysis of the flood of June 2013, which had massive impacts on the city of Freilassing (nearby the HPS Rott)

terrain model (current and planned state)
assessment of variant sediment-input-scenarios
analysis of hydraulics and solid matter (2D